30 Day Vegan Challenge

I have been pretty slack lately with keeping up with the blog, and with making healthy food choices in general. Things have been busy, and when we are busy we are more likely to eat the vegetarian foodie equivalent to fast food. Fast food to us is still home made and vegetarian but is more likely to be home made nachos or pizza than something healthy and nutritious. It really just comes down to not making a food plan for the week, when we are making the dinner decision on the way home from a long day at work we are much more likely to make bad food choices than if we have our meals all planned out and our groceries all bought on the weekends.

Anyway! I was reading through another vegan blog on the weekend and I came across the 30 day vegan challenge, the official challenge is already part way through but I figured it was a good opportunity for me to start becoming more serious about veganism and about food in general.

So, here we are part way through day one. I had corn thins with nuttlex and vegemite for breakfast (this is hardly nutritous!) and lunch was a wholegrain sandwhich with avocado, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber and carrot with a glass of orange juice.

Dinner tonight will be Beatrice’s Vegetable ‘Stoo’ with dumplings, with just a couple of changes to transform it from vegetarian to vegan. I’ve been craving it all afternoon and can’t wait to give it a go! Thanks Beatrice!

I’ll be using vegan month as motivation to get back into the swing of sharing recipes etc on the blog as well so hopefully there will be many more entries in the coming weeks.


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